Psychotherapy resembles crossing a bridge

You’ll have by your side a psychotherapist focused on science and unconditional acceptance.


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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is beneficial for everyone of us when we confront ourselves with difficult moments in life or when life isn’t how we’d wish it to be. Psychotherapy helps you in overcoming these barriers and it offers you the essential instruments for realist thinking and wellbeing.



de cuplu

Couples Psychotherapy

In couples therapy we address the relationship distress of the couple by encouraging both acceptance and change in each partner’s behavior. The objective is not necessarily to eliminate of the couple’s problem, but to guide the partners to respond to their difficulties in a way that builds up their intimacy, rather than eroding it, or to help partners to end the relationship when it causes suffering.



de familie

Consiliere de familie

Interpersonal relationships are the fundamental aspect in our lives. When a member of our family or a relationship within the family encounters difficulties, the other members are affected too. Whether it’s substance abuse, the loss of a loved one, worries or communication difficulties, in family counseling you will find support to stand up to family’s challenges.




Personal Development

Self-knowledge and personal development is a process by which we strive to improve our self. Personal development can be about anything: career, education, personal relationships, family relationships, self-esteem, lifestyle, health, nutrition etc. Engaging yourself in a personal development process can have as a focus the general improvement of wellbeing.

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Both in person, and online.

Psychotherapy as a guide

The time spent during the psychotherapy sessions resembles crossing a bridge. My role is not to help but to guide. I believe people possess the necessary qualities for changing their life even before coming to psychotherapy.

You’ll have my support and unconditional acceptance, no matter the problems you came for:

What is the therapeutic

Patricia M Amaricai - Psiholog Cluj - Psihoterapie online


Where do we start?

Before assuming control over our own life, we must know where we are and what is happening to us. My role during this phase is to guide you to understand your difficulties better.


Where do we aim to go?

Life is easier to live if we have a vector. Psychotherapy helps you in the process of exploring and defining the life direction you want to assume.


What is the shape of our path?

The journey towards the established vector takes the shape of the acceptance of us, others and life in general. During this time, you will learn the art of recognizing and answering efficiently to your thoughts, emotions and behaviors and how to manage better situations.


What fuel do we use?

The desired effect is obtained only through continuous exercise. It takes constant effort,taking risks and a high tolerance for frustrations.

Why choose Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Patricia M Amaricai - Psiholog Cluj - Psihoterapie online
Individual psychotherapy150 Lei
Personal development120 Lei
Couples therapy180 Lei
Family counseling180 Lei
What matters is not what life made of us, but what we do with what life made of us.

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