Patricia M. Amaricăi


I am here to guide you to a better life.

You’ll have by your side a psychotherapist focused on science and unconditional acceptance. Psiholog Cluj

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Patricia M Amaricai psihoterapie si consiliere online, dezvoltare personala, psihoterapie de cuplu, consiliere de familie
Both in person, and online.
Psihoterapeut Patricia M. Amaricai - Cabinet de psihoterapie Cluj-Napoca | Psihoterapie online

Psychotherapy as a guide

As a therapist, my goal is to guide you towards living your best life. This involves exposing yourself to opportunities that come your way or that you create for yourself, being in touch with your inner self, connecting with others, and engaging with your whole being in your existence.

You'll have a guide by your side who is oriented towards science, compassion, and acceptance, no matter what life problem you may be facing.

What is the therapeutic


Where do we start?

We begin by identifying and understanding the challenges you're facing. We then follow the thread of your life to create a meaningful explanation of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or difficulties.


Where do we aim to go?

I'm here to support you in figuring out what direction you want to take in life. We'll chat about what's important to you, how you want to act, what kind of qualities you want to show, your goals, and any challenges you're facing.


What is the shape of our path?

You can gain control over your life and head towards your goals with a little support, compassion, and gentleness .


What fuel do we use?

Constant effort,a willingness to be emotionally vulnerable, and the ability to tolerate uncertainty. These traits are crucial for living in harmony

I provide assistance with strategies from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Schema Therapy in practice.


Individual psychotherapy

170 Lei

Duration: 50 min

Couple therapy

200 Lei

Duration: 50 min

Family counseling

200 Lei

Duration: 50 min

What customers say

With a warm disposition, a broad and empathetic smile, a gentle voice, yet wise and endowed with immense patience, Patricia has delved into my mind and soul, transforming my life. Yes, she is Patricia, the individual who has altered my perspective on life and is always there for me when I require her support. She is passionate about people and conducts her work in the most professional manner possible, and in addition, she has the ability to captivate you. It worked for me. She is the best ❤️


Starting therapy was the first step towards better self-knowledge, a journey through my inner labyrinth and a challenge... A great challenge. Patricia has been a great guide to me and I can only be grateful for her ability to ask the right questions, to challenge me to recalibrate my thinking and to look honestly at the mechanisms that are not serving me. But above all, to be kinder to myself in a world that demands and holds us to unrealistic standards.


They say that finding a psychotherapist is like finding a partner, and that you have to go on a few failed dates before you find the one. Well, I think I was lucky to find Patricia's practice because I feel she is the perfect psychotherapist for me. I am 23 years old and with Patricia I have learnt how to express my emotions and communicate with my loved ones, how to identify my thoughts, how to focus on the activities that give me satisfaction and how to avoid procrastination. I strongly believe that everyone needs psychotherapy in their life. Psychotherapy is not just for people with 'problems'. Psychotherapy is for any problem, no matter how small you think or are told it is: work/study/school stress; artistic/emotional/sexual blockages; the argument in the supermarket with your partner. You don't need a reason to see a psychotherapist. Just do it! Psiholog Cluj


Very friendly, welcoming environment and Patricia is a professional, very patient and really committed. All this despite the fact that I was a difficult patient and reluctant to see a psychologist. Psiholog Cluj


I felt very early trusty and confident with this psychologist. She is calm, competent and involved to each situations. Sessions in English went smoothly


I find conversing with Patricia to be exceptionally comfortable, as she combines objectivity, understanding, attentiveness to my needs, and a high level of professionalism. Thank you sincerely for your valuable assistance! Psiholog Cluj


Patricia is a truly professional therapist. I always felt that I was in a safe space, and I could discuss whatever was on my mind. Over the past year, we had frequent sessions, and the way she approached the situations consistently made me experience significant personal growth in terms of my emotional state. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Patricia! Psiholog Cluj