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Individual psychotherapy provides the necessary space for developing a balanced inner adult in order to live the best life possible.

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Build a meaningful life

The connection we share with ourselves, our inner world, and our narrative is intricate and paradoxical. Frequently, we sacrifice parts of our existence by coping with emotional distress and life challenges in a defensive manner, which, in the long run, can become counterproductive. Our fears, shame, and pain lead us to forfeit relationships, opportunities, and valuable time, ultimately constraining the breadth of our lives. 

In therapy, I help people construct a narrative with meaning. This involves understanding why they feel, think, and react the way they do, making space for the emotions that need more attention in order to reduce their grip, and cultivating a balanced adult who can navigate life's challenges and meaningful relationships. Ultimately, this process empowers people to live their best life possible.

During individual psychotherapy sessions, we focus on developing a balanced inner adult to help you live the best possible life.

What can individual psychotherapy offer you?

Improving mental health

Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is an effective treatment for various mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, and others. In individual therapy sessions, I use a science-based approach to help you understand your symptoms, identify negative thought patterns, and develop healthier long-term perspectives and behaviors that will benefit you in the future.

Emotional well-being

Individual psychotherapy can significantly improve intelligence and emotional well-being by providing the framework and tools necessary to learn how to feel better. During individual sessions, we work on identifying, understanding, expressing, and regulating less pleasant emotions. You will receive support, safety, and unconditional acceptance. Individual psychotherapy

Improving relationships

Psychotherapy can guide you to new ways of connecting with others and developing more fulfilling relationships by improving your skills in expressing your needs, emotions, and personal boundaries, learning to navigate interpersonal conflict, and developing understanding, empathy, and self-compassion. Individual psychotherapy

Developing problem-solving strategies

Individual therapy equips you with powerful tools and strategies to help you define, comprehend, and navigate life's challenges, enabling you to effectively address them in harmony with your personal values and aspirations. Individual psychotherapy

Exploring, understanding, and contemplating the meaning of life.

Psychotherapy provides a space for you to explore and clarify the way you want to live your life by identifying your values, goals, and direction. It can guide and support you in the process of assuming direction in life by helping you explore, understand, and find meaning in life.

Personal growth and life satisfaction

Psychotherapy can promote personal growth and life satisfaction. Through individual psychotherapy, you can undergo a transformative process, using tools and support to explore and develop your personal potential. This can lead to personal growth and greater life satisfaction.

Reasons for seeking individual psychotherapy