Patricia M. Amaricăi


for families

Family counselling gives you the space you need to develop new ways of connecting with your family.

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Build new ways to connect

Difficulties within a family or family relationship can have an impact on those around them as well.

Edith Egger compares the family to a machine in which all the wheels are integrated and work together to move in the direction of travel - no one is in control, no one carries all the weight. That's the motto that guides me in family counselling. I work with couples, adults and teenagers on understanding family dynamics, awareness, acceptance and building the quality of family life.

In family counselling sessions we work on creating a quality family life by learning new ways to connect.

What can family counselling offer?

Understanding the dynamics

Family counselling provides a better understanding of family dynamics and roles. We work to identify patterns of behaviour and relationships that may be contributing to existing problems and to build healthier and more balanced alternatives.

Communication improvement

Family counselling facilitates the development and improvement of communication skills within the family. In family counselling sessions, I support family members to express their thoughts, feelings and needs more effectively, encouraging open and empathic communication.

Navigating conflicts

Family counselling provides a safe environment to address and resolve family conflicts. We work to identify sources of conflict and develop strategies for dealing with them, facilitating the harmonisation of family relationships.

Strengthening family relationships

Family counselling promotes the development of stronger and more harmonious bonds between family members. We work on learning new ways of connecting that strengthen emotional bonds and develop mutual trust within the family.

Adapting to change or transition

Family counselling provides support during major changes or transitions such as divorce, death of a loved one, relocation or other significant events. We work on building skills to adapt to new circumstances and find balance in times of transition.

Developing parenting strategies

Family counselling can give parents the tools and strategies to improve their parenting skills. We work on setting clear boundaries, promoting positive behaviours and developing a safe and healthy family environment.

Reasons for seeking family counselling