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Couples therapy provides the space needed to build a healthy relationship or to make a conscious and responsible decision to end a relationship that is causing you distress. Couples therapy

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Create a safe space

In a couple, the space between the partners may bring the highest level of happiness - the partners find themselves in one another, knowledge, wonder, intimacy and commitment are ongoing, and conflicts and difficulties are handled with intelligence and compassion.

But it can also be like a divided world that slowly but surely collapses. When the partners don't share their inner world with each other, when they change roles, when they betray trust, when they are unfaithful, when they don't accept their different values and priorities, when they don't handle conflict constructively, they can experience the greatest suffering. Couples therapy

In couples therapy sessions we work on understanding difficulties, expressing needs and managing conflict intelligently and responsibly.

What can couples therapy offer you?

Communication improvement

Prin terapie de cuplu găsim un cadru în care partenerii pot învăța să-și exprime cu claritate sentimentele, nevoile, gândurile și dorințele și să-și exerseze abilitățile de ascultare ghidați de curiozitate, blândețe, empatie și înțelegere.

Cultivating understanding

Couples counselling helps you to understand your feelings and needs as well as those of your partner. You will explore the deeper reasons behind your behaviours and learn to communicate and respond to these emotions and needs in healthier and more satisfying ways.

Increased intimacy and connection

Couples therapy can facilitate the cultivation of deeper intimacy and a stronger bond between partners. By exploring vulnerabilities, expressing emotions and building trust, partners can develop a deeper emotional connection.

Conflict management

Couples therapy helps you understand the dynamics of conflict and develop conflict resolution skills. It provides tools and techniques for dealing with disagreements constructively, promoting understanding, adjustment and problem solving. Couples therapy

Building or rebuilding trust

If your relationship has been damaged by broken trust, infidelity or other challenges, couples therapy can help you rebuild trust and reconnect emotionally.

Improved relationship satisfaction

By addressing underlying issues, improving communication and encouraging growth and understanding, therapy can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. Couples therapy

Reasons for seeking couples therapy